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Jodee & Ellie

A partnership 28 years in the making...

It's true. We have worked alongside one another for nearly three decades. ​And in that time, we have learned to appreciate each others unique gifts and talents.

Ellie, has great strengths in social media and marketing management. She has a keen eye for home aesthetics and encourages others to grow and discover their own living style. Her remedy for life's biggest challenges? Simply, to drink more water.

Jodee is an enthusiast for home presentation and loves rejuvenating personal spaces into places that reflect exactly where you want to be. Being an avid collector of unique vintage items and hidden treasures, inspired her to create a biweekly blog "The Missing Piece".

Join her as she challenges herself and others to think differently, style boldly and discover... their missing piece.

Behind The Brand: About
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