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A Bicycle Built For Two

This vintage tandem bike was rescued out of a dumpster many years ago and when listed on the buy and sell I knew I had to make the drive to own it. Tandem bikes have their own magic for those who have experience with them. With my nostalgia leading the way, I drove 3 hours to collect this memory and felt elated bringing it home.

My brother and I spent a lot of summers at a cottage owned by a friend of my parents. For $2 you could rent a tandem bicycle for an hour and go on the adventure of a lifetime. Learning to work together as siblings was key and our rides among the trees and dirt paths were some of my best memories growing up. We later rode my purchase as adults and the same feelings of wonder and youth returned instantly.

There are two positions on a tandem bike; the front and back (or the CAPTAIN and the STOKER). Both positions are equally important and work together to ensure a seamless ride.

The Captain is responsible for steering and navigating the bike. They absolutely have to communicate with their backseat counterpart constantly around what the road ahead appears to be and any turns or detours taken along the way. Clear and kind communication is key for this role and provides a safe ride for both bicyclists.

The Stoker has an important role as well. Contributing endurance and consistency. The back is not the "easy" seat as many assume. This position maintains the flow of the ride and supports wholeheartedly any uphill battles if your path has an incline.

Over the years we have challenged new couples to ride together as it gives great insight into working alongside of one another. My missing piece was inspired by a memory that felt timeless. I often wonder if memories from long ago feel the same re-enacted in a different time under different circumstances. I can say after my experience it felt like I hadn't aged a moment in my life and I would eagerly peddle for hours on a destination to nowhere.

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