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The Art Of Gathering

Collections! Oh how I love collections. Some people feel collections are copious amounts of items that attract dust, but to me they are a grand representation of all things you. Branching out and understanding what brings you pure joy in multitudes is a journey of self-realization. I encourage all people to think about items that resonate on a personal level; something that brought you joy as a child, things you find attractive and pleasing to admire, or items you love enough to bring into your home that make you smile. Whatever you love I encourage you to gather. Collecting is exhilarating! It creates a sense of hide and seek and an ultimate challenge to add new items and always keep a keen eye open.

I have several collections that I adore and I have gathered items for different reasons. Whether you choose to display your unique items on multiple shelves in your rec room or place a few things in your bedside drawer, I applaud your sense of adventure to gather things of meaning and add them to your space.

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