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Best Seat In The House

Sometimes the missing piece can be a decor item that brings flare to your space. Other times the missing piece is something far more substantial... a place for you!

Finding your "soul" spot in your own home can be challenging. A lot of us share our spaces with others and it can be overwhelming to safeguard a place just for you.

"CHAIR" as defined in the dictionary is a separate seat for one person. This is a place for introspection, alone time, wellness refreshing or endless other activities that ignite your mind and body.

I purchased this chair from an online ad I came across. I was inspired by the vintage curves, the original horsehair cushions and the image of many others before me having a seat. A kindred soul had seen opportunities in the chair and lovingly restored it with a modern flair while respecting the history and magic of the original piece.

When I sit in it I feel rejuvenated!! It envelops me with a feeling of comfort and acceptance. I can be what I need to be during my stay and my chair offers simply the space. It somehow knows exactly how to fit my body and my needs whether it be for a moment of silence, a glass of wine, a stay with grief or a good read.

I encourage you all to find a chair that inspirits what you require. You and your thoughts are both safe... take a seat.

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